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2006.12.08 14:13
office fridge
brain food and drain food

My quondam kitchen has a Dutch tiles motif, hence "when in Rome."

2006.12.08 13:12
office fridge

cold comfort for the sufferer

2006.12.08 10:57
interview question: help a 'necter out
Latest addition to the Working Title Museum:

The nice thing about virtual books is that they can morph so easily. For example, Infinite Ways to Stuff Stuff could just as well be How to Turn Every Corner of Your House into an Art Installation.

2006.12.07 18:42
interview question: help a 'necter out
Obviously the burning of the library of Alexandria. Extra, extra rare.
Extra, extra quondam, too!

2006.12.07 17:43
interview question: help a 'necter out
Now we're cookin'!
Anyone up for a good old-fashioned BYO book burning party?

2006.12.07 17:36
interview question: help a 'necter out
Three print-to-order books, of which very few actually exist.

Perhaps I will stop further production altogether. You know, keep it rare.

2006.12.07 14:28
interview question: help a 'necter out
Q: "The world is already full of stuff; why do you make/design more?"
A: "The form of a virtual museum of architecture follows the function of a virtual museum of architecture."
Q: "So why are there no Quondam T-shirts?"
A: "Less really is less."

2006.12.04 12:24
scripting and money
Tell the client it will take 10 months, then do it via script in 10 days, but still charge the client for 10 months. That, or unionize scripting!
Maybe architects aren't paid as well as laywers because architects give their trade secrets away?
BTW, this all reminds of when I did CAD consulting for Toll Brothers 17 years ago--lots of $$$ in little time for me. You'll probably make good money initially (if you're a leader in the field), but once everyone else catches up...well, you can figure out the rest.

2006.12.04 11:58
40 Jahre später, Le Corbusier´s "letztes Werk" (DE)
Alles ist möglich mit spät Corbu...

Electronic Calculation Center Olivetti at Rho-Milan, 1963-64 in Le Corbusier 1957-1965, p. 125.

2006.11.30 10:26
musings on the virtual world
betadinesutures, I re-read parts of Architecture from the Outside and found the passages I can relate to in the essay "Architecture from the Outside". I won't be writing about the correlation though because that might put me too much inside architecture...

2006.11.29 20:54
musings on the virtual world
I've read at least two of the essays in Architecture from the Outside: "Architecture from the Outside" and "Cyberspace, Virtuality and the Real: Some Architectural Reflections". My initial reading was when the essays were first published in two of the ANY books (late 1990s), and more recently earlier this year. I remember being struck by how some of the theoretical notions mentioned in "Architecture from the Outside" correlate directly with what I do in practice via Quondam, Museumpeace and other cyberspace venues. I wanted to write something about this but I never got around to it.

2006.11.29 12:42
musings on the virtual world
mayline bar!
by Wolfhilde von Schlittenfahrt, 2005.12.20 18:53
I don't have any hands, so I talk to my computer to draw (even sometimes while I actually am taking a bath). And you thought I was old fashioned. Look at yourselves!

2006.11.29 11:44
Paris Skyscraper - Morphosis beat off Norman Foster and Jean Nouvel.




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