what if they find it's totally random and completely tangential

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2006.11.29 10:35
musings on the virtual world
Ever hear of QBVS?
Or is this all a reenactment of Le Corbusier's "Eyes which do not see"?
Perosnally, I think it all has to do with the direct relationship between ignoring and ignorance.

2006.11.28 20:03
Paris Skyscraper - Morphosis beat off Norman Foster and Jean Nouvel.
Absolut Marilyn meets Absolut Hollywood?

not playing "tricky precedent", just jpg du jour

2006.11.27 22:02
International espionage and other ghastly current events
Be modern and just pick your own reality...

2006.11.27 19:08
International espionage and other ghastly current events
I know, they always figure it out!

2006.11.23 12:52
can someone explain the Casa da Musica?
read Rem Koolhaas, "Transformations" in OMA@work.a+u (Tokyo: a+u Publishing Co., 2000), pp.106-114.

2006.11.18 12:19
Anyone drawing by hand at Harvard's GSD?
see also some studies for Ottopia...




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