what if they find it's totally random and completely tangential

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2007.01.17 16:17
Urinate Complexity
who knew?

2007.01.17 15:44
Urinate Complexity

just don't eat the mints

2007.01.17 14:21
Minimalism in Architecture
I'm definitely a "takes little to do a lot" kind of guy.

2007.01.17 14:17
Minimalism in Architecture
The notion of concealment reminds me of a few things:
1. Coming Apart at the Seamless--this title was a reaction to the notion of seamlessness in design that was somewhat topical in the late 1990s/early 2000s; At least van Berkel and Bos did some writing about it in MOVE.
2. rammed into an envelope
3. "No Visible Means of Support"--throughout the 1980s, I happen to have practiced an art where "visible means of support" were indeed exploited (e.g., which could also be entitled "coming apart at the seamless", plus you'll find the first written manifestation of Rita Novel 1985.08.25).
4. "Ornament is the adoration of the joint". It's safe to say that this quotation had a lasting persuasive effect on my aesthetic.

2007.01.16 20:26
Minimalism in Architecture
Maybe study the workings of persuasion then.
Yes, and the act of being persuaded toward any aesthetic pretty much boils down to literally buying into it.
So again, maybe it's the workings of persuasion that should be studied.

These priests and pristesses were aesthetically persuasive for several millennia.
Persuasion has a lot to do with control, doesn't it.

2007.01.16 20:11
Minimalism in Architecture
And, to answer you're question, I believe Loos made a virtual moral argument about architecture.
And regarding "any particular imperative," I don't see you advocating an imperative (toward minimalism), rather, I see that there is no such thing as an imperative toward any aesthetic, i.e., outside of the virtual realm, there is no such thing as an ethical imperative toward any aesthetic to begin with.
What is there to learn from Loos's architecture without his aesthetical ethics? Gosh, I hope the answer isn't, "Not much."

2007.01.16 20:00
Minimalism in Architecture
I understand what you're saying, but is any aesthetic really objective?
You can understand an architect's work by learning their intentions, but you can understand even more of an architect's work by learning from their mistakes too.

2007.01.16 17:23
Minimalism in Architecture
Be it Loos, Aalto or Zumthor, etc., I don't see an aesthetical ethics argument. All I see is someone trying to control someone else.
You can grant Loos, et al, the authority, but the authority does not actually exist. The authority of their arguments is virtual at best, hence the ethics is also virtual, and the imperative is non-existent.
Basically, I literally don't buy into it. And those that do buy into it, do so literally as well.

2007.01.16 16:44
if you wear camper shoes do you become a better architect :)
Yes, it pays to advertise!

2007.01.16 16:39
if you wear camper shoes do you become a better architect :)
I can't wait till the bumper sticker comes out.
"I have better sex because I shop better than you."

In perpetuity:
"In the future, everything (including what I wear) will be an advertisement."

2007.01.16 16:30
Minimalism in Architecture
An aesthetic agrument, and that's all. And aesthetics are extremely relative.
An ethical argument, hardy.
An imperative, there's the real joke.
Remember tattoo taboo = ornament = crime?
"I have the biggest gun, so my aesthetic is all that counts."

setting up the argument
rotten eggs welcome

2007.01.16 15:14
Minimalism in Architecture
"ethical imperative" -- what a joke!

Oh yeah, the fight against the stain. "Shout it out!"
"In the future, everything will be an advertisement." Even minimalism.

2007.01.15 22:22
Minimalism in Architecture
suggested reading perhaps:
Andrew Blauvelt, "No Visible Means of Support" in Painting at the Edge of the World (2001).
"less walls is more windows"
"less windows is more walls"
My eyes aren't the only things decieving me. But tuition didn't say so.
More tuition is less common sense/scents/cents?

Time to take a vacation to the Land of Invisible Panty Lines.
And always pant when you say panty!




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