what if they find it's totally random and completely tangential

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2007.01.29 11:53
if you can draw...
sperm + egg = ego

2007.01.29 11:41
if you can draw...
2 = odd, DICK

2007.01.28 18:39
The definition of 'artificial' is from dictionary.com. The notion of animals also creating artificial things came to me last night and this morning as I gave some thought to some of the stuff you wrote above. I saw the ant mound as more artificial than natural, and thus I saw a reversal/inversion of your argument. And then I thought of bird's nests, (and I now even wonder if honey is more artificial than natural, but does that mean that wine is also more artificial than natural?) Anyway, seeing how 'artificial' more means a human product made me then wonder if there's some human conceit involved in the definition.
Otherwise, I assume there are many worthwhile studies/writings regarding natural vs. artificial, but I really couldn't say whether any of them say anything about animals too makeing artificial things. To me right now it just seems to be common sense.
You know, you could, in all honesty, simply reference the reality of the virtual interaction generated by your blog and it's responders.

2007.01.28 08:48
Although artificial generally means 'made by humans', the extended definition 'produced rather than natural' suggests the ant mounds pictured above (or whatever they are exactly) are more, strictly speaking, something artificial, that is, something produced rather than natural. If you asked me, it is just a human conceit to think that only humans are capable of creating things artificial.

2007.01.27 21:40
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